A Celebration of English Heraldry

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A Celebration of Scottish Heraldry

Burke's Peerage & Gentry International Register of Arms Volume 1 & 2
Last Update: 23/06/2017

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Whigmaleerie Ceilidh Band

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Motto 1 if Any
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Date and Details of Grant *
Arms Rational/ Information no more than 400 words
Details of Images including Artist's or Craftsman's name, no more than 600 words.


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Please Note: You will be able to upload your Coat of Arms and other images after you Submit the above form.



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Form Help

Name & Address Field:
Please fill in all the required address fields, your Title and Full Name should be filled in as you would like to see it appear on the register for example: Dr. James Alexander Roads BS'c FSA. Your contact details are for our records only and will not be included in the publication.
Arms, Crest & Motto etc:
The full Blazon of your Arms full details of your Crest & Supporters (if you have any). Fill in Motto if you have one. Along with Badge and Standard if you have one.

Grant etc:

Enter the details regarding your Grant, or Devisal of arms (be it honourary or substantive) or Exemplification Document .

Arms Rational/Information:

Enter the background to your arms the rational behind them, their history or genealogy or other relevant information. Please Note; no more than 400 words will be accepted.

Details of Images

Details of Images (flags, seals, paintings, jewellery etc) including Artist's or Craftsman's name, no more than 400 words.

Image Upload:
A total of 7 Images can be uploaded in the next step after submission of the form and should be on a white/transparent  background and no more than 2 megs in .JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or PDF format.

NOTE: Files must have no spaces, forward slashes, semi-colons, inverted commas etc. Example:

joe_blogs.jpg - OK
joe-blogs.jpg - OK
joeblogs.jpg - OK

joe blogs.jpg - wrong
joe 'blogs'.jpg - wrong

If you have trouble resizing or uploading your images or do not have a good rendition of your arms please contact us for help and advice.

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